Blushing Script SVG Font

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

After weeks of figuring out the process, I've finally finished my first Opentype SVG font, Blushing Script. A hand-painted font which types exactly as shown in the preview, retaining all of that texture and transparency!

SVG fonts have blown up over the past few months, especially the watercolour ones and I was totally in awe of what I was seeing on the front page of Creative Market. As I'm fairly new to the font making scene I didn't think it would be even possible to create something like this any time soon, but here we are!

Here's what's included:

SVG font

The SVG font requires Adobe Photoshop CC 2017/Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 or newer. A PSD containing each character is included for those who have older versions.

Solid font

A solid, vector version of the font is included which doesn't require special software. 


15 High resolution, hand painted watercolour goodies in PNG format.

A PDF on how to install and recolour the SVG font is also included.

Language support

The following multilingual characters are included:

ÁÂÄÀÅÃÆÇÐÉÊËÈÍÎÏÌNÑÓÔÖÒØÕŒÞÚÛÜÙẂŴẄẀÝŶŸỲ áâäàåãæçðéêëèíîïìñóôöòøõœþßúûüùẃŵẅẁxýŷÿỳ

You can check it out over at my Creative Market shop here.


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